Public Speaking Class

As our children are becoming more and more ambitious, educated and opting to train for the most highly regarded careers, even more is expected of them than ever before.

Our Public Speaking Class is tailored to equip children with the ability to speak clearly, confidently and audibly; an instant CV enhancement.

Students will typically take LAMDA examinations in Public Speaking (of which the higher grades offer valuable UCAS points to those students who hope to one day attend university).

Students also are able to compete regionally in local debate competitions as well as entering regional festivals such as the Mrs Sunderland Festival (Huddersfield), the Robertshaw Festival (Bingley) and the Wharfedale Festival (Ilkley).

Across the year, students will typically cover:

  • Clarity
  • Pronunciation
  • Pace
  • Expression
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Pitch
  • Variation
  • Voice Projection
  • Speech Writing
  • Poetry Recital
  • Debate

Public Speaking Class is taught in a fun and exciting way, with an emphasis on personal development, regardless of individual starting point. All classes are taught by an experienced public speaker, qualified legal barrister and courtroom advocate.

Our students have an exceptional reputation for public speaking in Yorkshire and have a 100% LAMDA pass rate, with the majority of students passing with distinction. In 2015, student Lucy Millington, aged 15, achieved a record mark of 97% in her public speaking examination. Our festival success is also notable, with Articulate students often picking up 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in competition.

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