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The new McDonald’s commercial for Mental Health Awareness Month stars four Articulate kids!

McDonald’s has partnered with BBC Children in Need to get kids talking about how they feel, by taking the smile off the Happy Meal box and providing stickers with different expressions. The commercial features children discussing the new Happy Meal box, what the stickers’ emotions mean to them, and how they can use the stickers to express the way they feel. 

Layth (5) and Zakariya (10) are the two brothers discussing the Happy Meal box and which sticker they should use. These two have appeared on a few productions as supporting artists and in small roles. This was the first cast role for Ledi (6), who is on the swing in the playground. Daya (11) is the boy cartwheeling in the park at the end! He’s been in a couple of commercials and short films over the years, including a voiceover for another McDonald’s commercial. The kids all went down to London to film, and had a great time.

You can watch the advert here: McDonald’s | The Meal (

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