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Alfie Clark, Austin Haynes and Gianluca Gallucci Star in Ted’s Top Ten, CITV’s newest Sitcom from 6th December!

Alfie Clark, Gianluca Gallucci and Austin Haynes represent Articulate in CITV’s newest sitcom, Ted’s Top Ten.

Articulate Child Star Matilda Firth Reduces Nation to Tears in powerful Christmas Ad

Millions have already had the privilege of seeing this year’s McDonalds Advert, and if you haven’t, do so with a hankey at the ready.

Articulate’s Owen Phillips Amazes on Ice in ASDA’s 2021 Christmas advert

Articulate’s Owen Phillips, 10, is starring in Asda’s 2021 Christmas Advert. Taking the role of the Hero Son, Owen skates into an ASDA store that has now re-opened, performs on stage in a Nativity play for school, glides through an office party and sails into a festive celebration taking place at home. His character’s route […]

Yousef Naseer (16) back filming Series 5 of Ackley Bridge for Channel 4 – great storylines for his character!

The ever-popular Ackley Bridge returns for a 5th series with brand new characters all dealing with the central issue of growing up in a multi-cultural British community in the 21st Century. Yousef Naseer reprises his role in Ackley Bridge, for the 2nd consecutive series. He will be appearing again as Saleem Paracha, a student at […]

The Railway Children Return release date announced as 1st of April 2022 with Articulate’s Austin Haynes in leading role Thomas!

Perhaps you remember 1970’s The Railway Children, or perhaps you have not had the opportunity to see the British classic? Whether you are familiar with the original or not, there will be much to love in the newest adaptation of Edith Nisbets beloved Children’s book, starring Articulate’s Austin Haynes as lead character Thomas! Set around […]

Young Performer Freddy Smith lands series regular role in CBBC’s The Dumping Ground as bad boy Kyle

Articulate’s Freddy Smith, 16, has landed a lead role in the critically acclaimed CBBC hit show The Dumping Ground. He will be starring as teenage “Bad Boy” Kyle in the 9th season and beyond. Freddy becomes the latest of many Articulate trained Kids and Young Performers to find roles in the immensely popular children’s TV […]

Articulate’s Iyla Mckaig (14) steps onto the Emmerdale set as teen bully Anabel!

Iyla Mckaig, a long-standing student of Articulate, will soon be joining the cast of ITV’s Emmerdale, one of Britain’s best loved northern soap operas. Emmerdale follows the lives of those who dwell in and around the Yorkshire village of Emmerdale, how they deal with the trials and tribulations of rural life and interwoven into a […]

7 Articulate Kids take Speaking Roles in Series 2 of ‘Gentleman Jack’ (BBC / HBO) due to be released in 2022!

Articulate’s Mazie McDonagh, Dexter Hughes, Tilly Kay, Owen Phillips, Austin Haynes, Hattie Edkins and Elizabeth Tobin reprise roles for Gentleman Jack season two. Gentleman Jack, a period drama set in the 1800s, follows the feisty figure of aristocratic diarist, mountaineer, political trailblazer, industrialist and world traveller Anne Lister, known in her own lifetime primarily as […]

Articulate’s Hattie Edkins and Aiden Cook star in All Creatures Great and Small series 2!

In 1978 the first season of All Creature Great and Small, an adaptation of a book by Alf Wight, aired on Channel 5, bringing a warm and gentle drama to our screens. Then, in 2020, the same show returned, and they’re now shooting series 2 with two Articulate trained kids among its cast. Following the […]

Articulate’s Haynes Brothers bring cheer to this year’s Co-op Christmas advert.

Articulate brothers Austin and Rocco Haynes star in the Co-op’s Christmas 2020 advert as brothers lighting up the lives of shopp

Articulate Kids Film Alongside Oscar Winner Dame Helen Mirren

Articulate kids film alongside oscar winner Dame Helen Mirren and Jim Broadbent.

Articulate Children Appear in Brand New Netflix Series ‘The Stranger’

Articulate Children Appear in Brand New Netflix Series ‘The Stranger’.

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