New Channel 4 short film Youthless stars Articulate actors

The cast of Channel 4’s short film Youthless is full of familiar faces. Austin Haynes, Scarlett Hodgson and Owen Phillips play 13 year olds living on a Bradford council estate. Set in the early 2000s, Youthless follows the three as they unknowingly embark on the last day of their childhoods.

The short film is directed by Jordan Scott Kennedy, who says that Youthless is inspired by childhood nostalgia, and describes the film’s aims as “an alignment with Bradford’s rich cinematic history of working-class stories. Only this time it was made by an authentic working-class director who lived to tell the story. An honest look at growing up in public housing without patronising viewers or characters.”

Other Articulate stars in cast roles are Yousef Naseer, Grace Wassell, Hogan Watson, Reuven Walker, Fred Kettle, Chloe Ward, Daisy Exley, Libby Falkingham, Amelia Mitchell, Hattie Edkins, Emel Riley and Bobby Keenan. We can’t wait to see them all when the short film comes out!

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