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With the right help, guidance, patience and commitment, anyone can achieve anything. Articulate Drama School & Casting Agency are committed to providing exceptional training for Children and Adults from age 4+, whilst offering exciting opportunities in the TV / Film industry.

At Articulate Drama School & Agency we believe that with the right help, guidance, patience and commitment, anyone can achieve anything. We aim to provide exceptional training, powerful advice, and unbreakable support to all of our clients. We want to create a level playing field for all people, promoting inclusion and diversity and doing whatever it takes to help each and every client achieve their goals. 

Our Drama School offers exceptional training to children and adults aged 4+. Students can choose which areas they wish to focus on and take any number of specialist classes including Screen Acting, Drama Class, Performing Arts, Musical Theatre, Public Speaking, Singing and LAMDA Drama (which offers students prestigious qualifications). We also offer exciting and innovating holiday clubs designed to develop the skills of each and every individual in a unique and fun way. Our classes and holiday clubs are suitable for complete beginners through to experienced actors and we will always guarantee the development and progress of every client. 

Our Casting Agency is recognised as one of the best casting agencies in the country to find talented children and young performers for TV, Film, Commercials and Radio. We receive over 50 requests daily for our children to audition or film for a huge range of projects varying from leading roles in high – end TV shows to jetting off around Europe and America filming big brand commercials! Our Casting Agency also represents both adult and child Support Artists (Extras) and in this respect we can offer our clients who perhaps aren’t quite at ‘audition stage’ (or those who just want more experience) the opportunity to gain a valuable insight into life on a real film set! Our team of agents are friendly, helpful and we even offer personal feedback and advice on how individual clients can give themselves the best possible chance to succeed even more in the industry. Our agency organises exclusive Casting Director workshops designed to teach audition technique, self tape success and top tips – they also serve well as a great way to get on the radar of a leading casting director!

Articulate students and parents are committed, dedicated, polite, skilled, humble, resilient, loyal and always agree to work in partnership with us to achieve their goals. We steer clear of parents who want their child to be ‘famous’; our clients take our classes and attend industry auditions for the love of drama and the thrill of performing. We believe that this is why our students are so very, very successful. 

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