Photo Shoots

The perfect headshot is essential to getting auditions and work as an actor. We offer various options for headshots.

Articulate offers two headshot packages which are bringing in auditions for some of the best jobs in the industry: 

Package 1 – Newcomer / Update Shots

Our ‘Newcomer / Update Shots’ is our most cost efficient package. It’s excellent value and great for our Support Artists or for those who have had a visual appearance change (such as hair cut or removal of braces). It’s a 10-15 minute slot and it’s surprising just how much our photographer can do in that time. You’ll receive around 30 shots, copyright free, to use as you like. We receive the same shots and use the best ones for casting purposes. Students can achieve 1 ‘look’ through these sessions as they’re only 10 -15 minutes long. Newcomer / Update shots are priced at £35 + VAT per session. Note: these are NOT suitable for those on Spotlight.

Package 2 – Spotlight Shots

Our ‘Spotlight Shots’ are sessions run for students who are already working actors in the TV / Film industry, or those that are on ‘Spotlight’ and want to increase their chances of getting a speaking role. This is a much longer session, lasting up to an hour and will achieve around 3-4 different ‘looks’ which will allow us to submit your child for a range of roles. There are outfit / hair changes and time is taken to get the perfect shot for each ‘look’. Around 400 photos are taken and you will be given access to all of them. You can then select 5 edited shots as part of the package. If you’re interested in this package, ask us to send you an info booklet with examples. Spotlight Shots are priced at £125 + VAT per session. Additional shots can be purchased for £10 per edit.

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