Articulate’s Tilly Kaye (10) and Isha Kaur (10) take prime roles in the new CBeebies new show “Biff and Chip”!

Articulate’s kids are to play leading roles in the upcoming CBeebies series “Biff and Chip”, with Tilly playing the title role of Biff and Isha taking the role of Aneenna, Biff’s friend.

Based on the books by Roderick Hunt, the show will follow the adventures of Biff and Chip, a creative and energetic pair of twins as they explore their surroundings with a childish sense of wonder. Hunt’s books were originally intended to create a reading program that was based upon “Humour and fun and motivation”, with them already being used in most British Primary Schools, his stories being adapted for television will allow that ethos to reach an even wider audience.

For her role as Biff, Tilly had to perform a singing role bringing a new challenge and giving Tilly an opportunity to display her vocal skills alongside her strength as actor. In an interview with the Radio Times Tilly said about her role: It’s so surreal, I read the books growing up and Biff was my hero as a four-year-old so it’s great playing her now.” 

Isha will be taking up the role of Aneenna, a friend of Biff and Chip. She’s had plenty of opportunity to act alongside Tilly and they clearly work well together.

Both Isha and Tilly attend Articulate’s screen acting classes designed to prepare them for television style roles and have attended for years, and Tilly both attends her own classes and helps out with some of the younger children too.

The two also have a wealth of experience on the screen, Isha having played Frankie in Pip and Posy, being a presenter for Children in Need as well as other roles in Scruff a Luvs and The Runaways. Tilly has also picked up a number of impressive roles, playing Amy Sowden in Gentleman Jack, Calamity in Last tango in Halifax and a number of other high profile TV, film and commercial roles.

Biff and Chip is on CBeebies weekly and available to watch on iPlayer anytime.

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