Articulate’s Haynes Brothers bring cheer to this year’s Co-op Christmas advert.

Articulate brothers Austin and Rocco Haynes star in the Co-op’s Christmas 2020 advert as brothers lighting up the lives of shoppers at a Co-op store. Rocco and Austin take the part of brothers bringing music to shoppers in tribute to Oasis and the song Round Our Way. The brothers perform an excellent rendition of the classic song, made all the more successful for the atmosphere of the advert.

The song was recorded through the genuine vocal and musical talents of Rocco and Austin, meaning that Austin and Rocco had to excel in acting, musical and singing skill, all of which being fields in which they thrive.

The Co-op ad is just the latest display of the talents of Rocco and Austin, and an excellent opportunity for them to act opposite one another. Austin has previously picked up roles in the A Word (BBC) and The Duke, as well as short film ‘This is Iniquity’. Younger brother Rocco featured in Gentleman Jack (BBC) and a lovely role in All Creatures Great and Small (Channel 5).

You just can’t watch this advert and not get in the Christmas spirit!

With both having attended Screen Acting classes for many years and continuing to work hard inside and outside of class, we have high hopes that they will go on to find even more roles to suit their skills.

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